Our technicians use warm wax and muslin cloth to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair. At least two weeks' growth is preferable for hair removal. We recommend that you do not tan for at least two days before your appointment. It is also advisable to discontinue use of over-the-counter or prescription exfoliants two weeks pre and post waxing.

Eyebrow Maintenance $12
Eyebrow Design (wax or tweeze) $15
Chin $13
Sides of face $16
Full face (sides, chin, and lip) $35
Underarms $25-34
Full arm $35-44
Chest or Back $45
Toes $10
Half Leg (below knee) $34-43
Full Leg $60-68
Bikini (sides) $25-35
Teeny Bikini (sides and top) $25-35
Brazilian $59